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Find all the episodes of my show ROBERTO’S LIVE JIVE on Mixcloud

Hi guys,

I am very happy about the new season of my show ROBERTO’S LIVE JIVE, which is on air twice a week, on Monday and Friday from 1-3 pm GMT on my radio station Radio Roberto, as well as on Shout FM in the UK.

The Monday episode is also aired on Tuesday on LKCB in Canada.

Every 2-hour episode of the show is packed with new music by emerging artists from all over the world, covering different genres: Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Trap, RnB, Reggaeton, Dance, Tropical House and Singers/Songwriters.

If you missed the past episodes, you can find them on Mixcloud at this link:

I also want to thank Silvia, of VIEL Ice Cream shop in Corso Buenos Aires 15 Milan, for her continuous support, and for making the best ice cream in town!

Artists who want to be featured in the show and in my radio station, can request one of the AIRPLAY PACKAGES, for which I ask a small donation, to help me cover the expenses for the radio station.

In any case, remember that I only play music that I like.

Thank you everybody for listening and supporting me!



Submit Your Music For Airplay On Radio Roberto
Submit Your Music For Airplay On Radio Roberto