Icecast or Shoutcast Streaming Plan 128 Kbps – Special Offer

Hi guys,

I’m happy to inform you that I am now offering an ICECAST or SHOUTCAST streaming plan at a great price, for those willing to open their own internet radio station without spending a fortune. This is the same reliable service the I am using for my internet stations Radio Roberto and Milano Lounge.

The plan includes:

  • ICECAST or SHOUTCAST Shoutcast no more available
  • Streaming quality Mp3 128 Kbps (near CD quality)
  • 100 slots (that is: 100 listeners can connect simultaneously)
  • Unlimited monthly bandwidth
  • Centova Cast V3 with control panel, statistics, station automation for scheduling shows and playlists
  • Free AUTO DJ (Stream 24/7 without the need of keeping your PC always connected)
  • 10 GB space in the AUTO DJ (enough space for uploading about 4,000 songs)
  • You can connect LIVE at any time from Studio without interruptions
  • ALL for only 60 US$ / 60 EUR / 60 UK£ per 1 year, secure payment via PayPal


(write: ICECAST or SHOUTCAST plan for 1 year)

For more information about Centova Cast V3, the AUTO DJ, how to use the control panel etc, here is are the links to Centova Cast Manual and Centova Cast Forum:

I hope you’ll like this offer and look forward to receiving your order soon.



Create your own Internet Radio Station without spending a fortune
Create your own Internet Radio Station without spending a fortune