Radio Roberto

Creative Commons, Free Music and Copyleft

The songs played on Radio Roberto are all Creative Commons, Free Music or Copyleft.

Free music is music that is not managed by performance rights organizations (PRS, ASCAP, SOCAN, BMI, BUMA, GEMA, SIAE, SGAE, JASRAC etc).

Artists choose to protect their rights through specific non-exclusive licenses such as Creative Commons. “Free music” or “Copyleft” doesn’t necessarily mean free of charge, or devoid of any rights restrictions, it means “some rights reserved“. Artists define what rights they grant on their music through their choice of license.

Creative Commons offers licenses that enable musicians to protect their rights. Easy to use and compatible with internet standards, these non-exclusive rights enable the holders to authorize certain uses of their music, while still retaining the option of reserving commercial exploitation.


Creative Commons
Creative Commons