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Christmas is a time for everyone, Velinski’s Xmas Hit Single

Velinski is Adam McEvoy and Andrew Williams. They have run a popular music library for a number of years and have now expanded their horizons to writing and producing, working with different artists and vocalists.

Having had success in the Music Week Dance and Club charts with their first two releases Freedom and Don’t Wanna, has an extensive radio play log with subsequent singles Living The Dream and Celebrity, the boys have now produced a remarkable Xmas Song with guest vocalist Springerbliss.

This outstanding seasonal offering delivers a perfect traditional festive sound carrying an uplifting message of inclusiveness for this very special time of year. A fresh and perfect addition to the usual Xmas pop standards that are played every year.

Velinski hope everyone will feel the true spirit and meaning of Xmas thru this unique and memorable song & the heartwarming video to complement it.



This Xmas song will be released in Dec 2019. LISTEN TO IT ON RADIO ROBERTO, EUROPE’S NR. 1 STATION FOR EMERGING, UNSIGNED ARTISTS. Already it has been selected for a special festive broadcast by a well known Nashville broadcast organisation and we hope many other platforms, radio and music TV stations will be equally enthusiastic and supportive.